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Greece Permanent Residency (Golden Visa)

The Golden Visa program @ 2021 was on a course of moderate recovery compared to it@2020, according to the latest data compiled by the Greek Migration Ministry.
The figures on the program offering five year residence permits to non-European Union nationals who spend at least 250,000 euros on property in Greece showed that 1035 Golden Visas were issued in 2021, which made Greece the highest number of approved Golden Visa across the European continent. Currently, Spain, Ireland, Malta, Portugal and Greece are offering the EU Golden Visa.

About Us

The-Plan-B is a team of highly qualified professionals who are helping and guiding you in Greece Permanent Residency (Golden Visa) planning. We will open the European doors for you in the easiest way.

Choose and purchase your property on your own or at our assistance, and we will do all the paperwork for your Greece Permanent Residency(Golden Visa) application in a fast,hassle-free, and most affordable way.

Get your own property in Athens, apply for Golden Visa, make a wise investment for your future. It’s always important to have the-Plan-B.

Why Us?

The-Plan-B team- A one-stop for alternative residency with the entire process managed by our friendly consultants. We provide a bespoke and time-efficient service from start to finish, including diligence checks, facilitating you in making the best property decision, and all necessaries. We offer A-” Concierge ” Greece Immigration Consulting Service. 

We Don’t Bundle Us With Any Property Purchase.

We Offers A “Concierge” Greece Immigration Consulting Service

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How Does it Work?
The Process is as simple as 1-2-3


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How Does it Work?
The Process is as simple as 1-2-3

Be Qualified

Choose your investment options (minimum price €250,000 plus Government Taxes)


Our Legal team will consolidate all your paperwork and apply for the Permanent Residency (Golden Visa) for you and your loved ones.


You and your family receive your Greece 5-Year Permanent Residency Permit (Golden Visa) in 60 working days from the day of submission.


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